Thump the pain away

2 Aug

UPDATE: 3 August 2013

I have been compelled to temporarily take down my original post. I’m not happy with this, to me it strikes me that once again the very act I have been trying to reclaim – that of speaking out, and taking control of my life – has been taken away from me again.

The questions and concerns voiced since the posting are causing me more stress than the original act of writing and considering whether to publish did.

My life, my mind, my decisions are constantly being taken away from me by others, their morality, their judgement. It is little wonder that those living with mental health issues feel that they are trapped, trapped by their own fears and anxieties, trapped by their own minds, and trapped by the sweeping judgements of those around them.

At worst, some judicial editing is in order – something I had already been considering.  I’ll take some time during the week to do this. Comments are still welcome.


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