More of me… Day 8: Too much…

25 Apr

Oh its a brief one today on this 30 days of me thing. But a useful one…

Day 8: Short term goals for this month and why

Bugger me, I have so much going on and needing to be done. There’s a lot going on in my wider domestic life which is dominating my thoughts. So let’s take the next 6 weeks as the ‘short term’.

Continue blogging. Its a really good way to air the grey cells and get me in a writing frame of mind. I then find working on more structured writing and editing projects easier.

Spend time with brother. He’s coming back home for a few days, which hopefully means a chat. And just maybe catch the John Luke exhibition in Belfast before it closes.

Visit grandparents. Illness and old age is taking its toll.

Finish book(s). I have the last run of editing on a couple of books to finish. And a couple of draft chapters to write for another one. Vital this is completed in the next fortnight.

Cycle. I’m overweight, and my sister is getting married soon – and I’ve a suit to fit into. I’m far too big for comfort, so need to reduce the waist line. I’m doing Lap The Lough again in August, and would like to be in better shape than the last couple of times.

Reorganise rooms. Since my separation I’ve moved back to my folks’ place. Condensing my boxes so they’ll fit in the smaller space is tricky, but I need to get organised. I have writing to do, research to conduct. A clear space helps clear the head.

Meet new people. Two years in the countryside wasn’t good for my social life or state of mind. Getting back into civilisation. I have a couple of research trips to try and fit in, and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Making a few penpals at the moment (remember those…) which is good.

Draw something. I haven’t sketched or drawn properly in years. I miss it. I must get into it again.

Ah that’ll do for now.


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