Time for a cuppa…

25 Nov

It may well be a cliche, but without a doubt, there is nothing that will settle the mind of a British person better than a cup of tea. Whether you’re feeling poorly, a bit glum, need something to brighten that bag of chips you’re salivating over, or contemplating the complete revision of your life plan, Messrs Tetley, Nambarrie and Twinnings will make it better.

Of course I’m trying to combat my caffeine addiction – some people need a daily dose of crack, while I’m just desperate for a French roast – and my Earl Grey doesn’t really hit the spot, but faced with either this or the demon bottle I think I’d better stay with the china cups.

I’ve been rather neglectful for the last year on this blog, and to my darling Bobbystalkers I have to apologise. Where have I been, you may wonder. Well, erm…

I fell for my ‘childhood sweetheart’ all over again, got married, moved house, froze, moved house again, am now living with wife, my four year old step-daughter, the wife’s two and a half horses and bloody cat (I’m allergic), nine chickens, a rabbit and my boarder collie, Bowie. Needless to say, we’re now in the middle of nowhere, in the wilds of County Down. During the summer months I took very ill and spent a great deal of time not interacting at all. I started editing a horror magazine called Diabolique and began a new publishing business.

So, a fairly busy year to be honest. And now, 7 years to the day since I started work with my current employer, I’m contemplating turning my back on it and casting myself into the great unknown….

Deep breath. Lift mug, and sip.

I say I’m contemplating. I haven’t returned the form yet, but its here on my desk. I’ve basically made my decision and writing this is affirmation. But why would anyone quit their job, and the associated security, especially at times like this – during an economic meltdown?

Possibly frustration, boredom, stale environments, personnel problems, better offers, reckless abandon… For me, I think its probably increasing frustration. I’ve a PhD I want to finish, and other fish to fry and my place of work is starting to hold me back. The security of the regular income is preventing me from pushing myself. Of course, it could all backfire. I’ll not be able to get a job there again for years to come, and I could swiftly find myself drowning, but nothing ventured, nothing sprained…

A few years ago I managed to effectively make my own post redundant. I implemented new service techniques, restructured our filing, and pushed for the new digital services interaction. By the last three months in the post I was twiddling my thumbs. So, moving to a new building we were offered new roles, except the boss man had two posts needing filled and two part-time members of staff to fill them. Rather than tell us what we’d do, he told us to fight amongst ourselves for the posts which was about as incompetent as any interaction I had with him. Very unprofessional behaviour.

So the wife says I should take a chance, and I’ve been pushing for it for years, but I can’t help but think of the ‘what ifs’ – What if I fail? What if everyone hates me? What if I never work again…


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