It is good being back

30 Jan

Dahlings! Bobbystalkers!

“Where have I been?” I hear you cry.

Oh the stories I could tell you. In the 5 months that have elapsed since our last meeting my entire world has changed. Well, my personal life has gone through radical non-surgical alteration, which I will no doubt bore you with in the coming weeks and months.

I’ve been so bad at keeping up with the blog as real life took priority, but I’ve vowed to start writing again, and blogging always keeps me alert, so I’m back to share my near-nonsensical whitterings with you once again.

Starting tomorrow I’ll return to the 30 Days of Me that I began just before the blog went offline. I’ll be adding new stuff as well, but the next month promises huge changes, so would be a good time to address much of the past.

I’ve made no New Year Resolutions this year, bar an extension of the one I had last year. That was simply to push myself, and do something new every single month, put myself out of my comfort zone. Oh, the things I did… some of which I’ll spare you from. My life changed for the better, so I see no reason to try another resolution, and seeing as we’ve a couple of days of January left, I’d encourage you to do the same.

Anyway. Until tomorrow…


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