All about me… Day 3

24 Aug

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

Hmm, easier said than done… Don’t often get photographs taken of me, and we seldom sit to think about getting a group photo done either. And actually come to think of it, I don’t think I have (m)any group photos of me and my friends in my own collection.

So I offer you this:

Me, Niall, Danny, Laura, Angus - summer 2008

Its a borrowed photograph from my friend Danny’s (centre frame) Facebook – hope you don’t mind DM!

This was summer 2008, somewhere up near Spelga Dam in the Mourne Mountains. We were shooting Danny’s  film for his masters degree.

Its a mixed group – I’m on the left, taking DP responsibility – which seemed to involve being stuck in a car for inordinate amounts of time. Next is Niall – perhaps my oldest friend. I brought him on board to handle sound duties for the film. We met on the first day of secondary school and over the years became firm friends. Niall’s worked on short films with me before, despite not being ‘arty’ [so he says].

Danny is centre. He claims to be 12 years old. As I’ve known Danny for ten years he must be at least 22. And I suspect he’s closer to 30. Danny is one of a kind. We met in drama class at uni, and he was the glue that brought us all together. He’s good like that.

The other two are Laura and Angus – friends of Danny that patiently suffered through weeks and weekends of shoots and reshoots and tiny spaces as we finished the film. Both were charming, and I’ve kept in touch with both – though not as much as I probably should have. Typically, I have a few loyal friends that last the years. Key people, and a population of supporting characters.

Much of my friendships have centred around film projects of one sort or another over the last decade, so this is a fitting place to start. Niall and I knew each other for years before a film project made us firm friends, my best friends I met at uni on a film course, through mutual loves of Hammer films, at film conventions, that sort of thing. Most of my girlfriends I’ve got to know through film stuff too.

I’ve a week to find another photo of me and the chums for the next entry… I’ll see what I can do. Guys, if you’re reading, we need to arrange a hook up and silly photo!


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