All about me… Day 1

22 Aug

As promised, I’m going to kick off the completely self-centred 30 Days of Me blog challenge, though struggling to find a) a suitable photo, and b) 15 *interesting* things to say about me could prove tough.

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

I’m going to take the word ‘interesting’ with quite a broad interpretation here. It is such a subjective word. And I’m more frustrated by myself than interested. So without great elaboration here ya go:

Me -adopting 'take me seriously' face - 12 August 2010

1) My favourite colour is indigo. Somewhere between bright blue and violet. When I was a kid my favourite colour was red. I still like red, but I look better in blues.

2) I have a pair of leather trousers I got when I was 16 that I refuse to chuck away. I still fitted in them at 23. I’ve put on a few pounds. I won’t be happy about my weight until I can comfortably fit back into them.

3) I cracked a tooth several years ago on a Skittle (the sweet) that was sent to me from Australia by a friend. I don’t think I’ve eaten Skittles since, and despite getting a quote for the dental work that needs done, I haven’t been to get the teeth fixed yet.

4) I write a lot about horror, and people that know my work, probably know me for my interest in Hammer Films. But I’m interested in a lot more. I love Stanley Kubrick, Alfred Hitchcock, silent cinema, surrealist comedy, Woody Allen and Fellini.

5) I have never met Christopher Lee.

6) I live in a suburb of Belfast. Aside from Paris, I can’t stand cities. Ideally I’d be living on a farm or mini-mansion in the countryside, near the sea.

7) I have a phobia of rats. And a phobia of fire. Worst still is the thought of encountering a rat on fire. Despite my rodent fears, I find rabbits adorable. And squirrels.

8) When I left school at 18 I was meant to go off and study law. I threw a head staggers and ended up studying drama, archaeology and film. In a cruel twist of fate, I spent 4 years working in a law library.

9) I don’t do a lot of gigging. Its very expensive. Embarrassingly I saw Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden) twice in a week thanks to an ex. [“yeah yeah” I hear you say]. Worse still, I enjoyed both gigs. Especially when the smoke machine set off the fire alarm at Maysfield Leisure Centre in Belfast. That didn’t happen the week before at the Hammersmith Appollo.

10) After many years of wanting to, I took up dancing this year for the first time. Went to a class for several months. Planning to return soon. I still can’t dance though.

11) I can’t abide feet. Most disgusting part of the human anatomy. Possibly. Well, I can’t stand other people’s feet. Especially toes. My own I hate less. I certainly don’t attack mine with a meat cleaver. I may yours.

12) I’m open to possibilities. I don’t like absolute. Which means I think that ghosts might be real. And aliens. But I don’t know. I like the idea of the paranormal and supernatural. Means we’ve so much left to find out. I think astrology is balls though.

13) I know my way around a photographic dark room.

14) I saw my first naked woman in the flesh when I was 17. I haven’t seen too many since. I probably know my way better around a photographic dark room.

15)  I first read the Sherlock Holmes stories when I was 7 or 8. I had a large collected volume published by Chancellor Press that I took to school with me daily. I would re-read each of the short stories in the week between broadcasts of the Granada tv adaptations with Jeremy Brett. I still want to play Sherlock Holmes.

And there ya go Bobbystalkers, 15 things about me that you didn’t need to know. The most dedicated Bobbystalkers will already know some of these factoids anyway.

Don’t forget to let me know if you’re taking part too 😉


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