Begin at the beginning….

10 Apr

Well Hello again! Haven’t we met before? Lovely… You’re new! Hello to you too…

Surprisingly, despite already blogging intermittently elsewhere I’ve taken the plunge and here’s another one from me. Why? Am I so vain that I think people want to read more? Not in the slightest. Blogging for most of us is a narcissistic exercise, with few exceptions our blogs are read by us and perhaps a handful of friends (or stalkers… I’ll come to them in a later entry). I’m not a world famous thriller writer, or a director of sleazy movies featuring girls with enormous baps, no I’m just me.

My other blogs have become increasingly concentrated around my ‘professional’ interests. My research and writing on film primarily. But I used to blog on my MySpace page about my everyday life. A sort of mini-diary for public consumption. And as I used MySpace less I stopped. And now I find I’m getting worked up more and more and want to rant, or let off steam or just type until my fingers get bored and my sentences are left unfinished. So here I am.

This is where I’ll talk about whatever bugs me. My random thoughts. My responses to other blogs. That sort of thing. I’m sure there’ll be overlap from time to time, but bear with me.

You wanna play? Let’s play…


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